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PlayJin History

PlayJin Founder William Stanton

PlayJin (Play-Jean)

After his mission to Japan, William Stanton spent a few years as a tour guide in Hawaii and San Francisco. As usual, the tours mostly consisted of driving to various sites and talking about the history and other interesting information about the locations. The tourists could get out and take pictures of the spots then get back into the van and go to another site. One day, a couple asked Will to take them to Santa Cruz so they could go surfing. This was not on the list of places to take the guests but this got him thinking about tours in a different way.


How many people want to come to America to see it, take some pictures then go home, and how many would rather come here and actually EXPERIENCE America? The main restrictions are language and someone who knows the area. This is how PlayJin was born. We are here to not only show you places, but stay and play with you at these locations. We know the best session spots and we speak the language, so all you need to worry about is getting here!

  • BMX Rider doing a Tobaggon Air at the Orem Skatepark

    Toboggan at Orem Skatepark

  • Puka Rock

    Puka Rock

  • Cliff Diving at Laie Point

    Cliff Diving at Laie Point

  • Spitting a Rooster Tail

    Spitting a Rooster Tail

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